For our team building, lectures, trainings and speaking services, we are privileged to draw from a large pool of experienced personnel among our business associates and a rich network of great professionals in various sectors of the economy. We believe, as one of our values states, in walking the talk. This value cannot allow us to pick any other person to deliver simply because he is a speaker. Our team, therefore, comprises only those who are qualified according to, and have the same values as, Live Your Dream!.

Here is an example, we cannot allow someone who has never practiced selling to train about How To Sell More and Improve Your Portfolio. Neither can we have someone who has never had enough number of customers under his/her care to come and train people about Excellent Customer Management or one who never started and ran a successful business to talk about entrepreneurship. Such a strategy can translate to just talking what is written in a book and thus ineffective according to our experience; lacking in moral authority. We must preach what we have practiced and known to be working. That is why we are very different from the other guys in the industry.

At Live Your Dream!, we pride ourselves in following our passion. That means we shall never look for someone whose is not passionate about training or coaching. And you will indeed notice that we have an impeccable team with great track records.


Edna is a highly motivated and brilliant lady who was brought up in a remote village and, through school bursaries and well-wishers, managed to successful sit her secondary school examinations and joined the University of Nairobi for a Bachelor of Science degree and graduated with a First Class Honours in 2006. She briefly worked with Steadman Group before joining the banking sector where she worked for over 12 years accruing experience in different departments including Operations, Global Markets, Trade, Business banking, sales among others. She left the bank at a level of Assistant Relationship manager in order to pursue her passion in people development.
Edna holds an MBA in Strategic Management from the University of Nairobi. He is an ILO-SIYB trainer with vast experience in working with SMEs and start-ups. She is passionate about Personal and Business Finance Management, Customer Relations, Sales and Team Development trainings. She is currently working full-time with Live Your Dream Enterprises Limited where she is a co-founder.
Edna is always hands-on and very easy to relate with. She has also been running a successful direct-
selling business with Neolife International since 2009 with immense experience.
Edna is currently the Executive Director for Live Your Dream Enterprises Ltd and she can be reached
through email address: or


Amina is a CPA-K with an MBA in Finance. She has lots of passion in helping organizations Live their Dreams through prudent investments and proper Finance Management. She trains on Financial Planning, Wealth Creation, Customer Relations among others. She has been in the banking sector for 12 years managing portfolios and helping organizations grow to their full potential. Soft spoken, jovial and easy to work with, Amina is one of the rising stars in personal coaching industry. She has undergone an ILO-SIYB trainer.
Amina servers as one of the lead trainers and business development managers at Live Your Dream and can be reached through or


This is an enthusiastic young man who was raised in a very humble family in the obscure part of Nyanza, in Kenya. He struggled on his own with schooling due to fees problems, took a total of only 2 years out of the usual 4 in secondary school to finally making it (from a very remote and ill equipped school) to the top University in the region, University of Nairobi, for degree in Physics and in Information Systems. His passion for empowering people led him to work as a Trainer in one of the leading IT institutions where he honed his training and public speaking skills from 2006, having gone through an intensive Management of Learning (MOL) course, won top awards by the institute before moving on to work as a Customer Support Consultant in a Pan-African ISP, Africa Online (k).
Mr. Otieno left employment in the year 2010 August, after being in Network Marketing business on a part time basis for 10 months, in order to venture into entrepreneurship full time and managed to use his scientific and analytical skills to study, understand and build a phenomenal organization. Passion for people empowerment made him initiate the book club that would become Live Your Dream Enterprises Ltd and today has three reputable business organizations and has become one of the most inspiring public speakers and life skills trainers in the region with great eloquence and amazing wisdom accrued from his own struggle, experience and study.
Mr. Otieno Paul-Peter (fondly called PP by his friends) has both talent and passion to inspire and  empower people to live the life they are capable of. He is now the Managing Director of Live Your Dream Enterprises Ltd, and a published author of LIVE YOUR DREAM IN 7Ds, and The Making of a Symphony Orchestra (Timeless Leadership) currently available on Amazon online bookstore.
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