Self Awereness and personal life purpose

 The more aware you are about yourself; capacity, capabilities, limits, emotions, among others, the better the decisions you make and the more productive you become. By knowing this, you also have a better chance of understanding and dealing with other people. Noticing that success is almost 90% about how well you can relate and work with others, this is a critical part of people skills. It enables you to build your leadership. But it's not a school subject.

This topic will naturally lead you to the deep sense of purpose and what your personal life purpose would be...that's how we do it at Live Your Dream! So if you have never been able to identify your life purpose, this is an opportunity for you. Remember two most important days in the life of a human being are the day of birth and the day one discovers reason for his/her birth!  Get a discount by booking early. This is just a small contribution to cover our costs.., not to enrich us. Check payment details on the flyer above.. See You Then!

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