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"Training is everything! The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with college education"---Mark Twain


Often one would ask, 'How can I grow my organization?' and that answer has always been simple and clear. Truth never changes. It is by growing people! If you build your people, the human capital, which is by far the greatest capital you could have, then and only then will your organization grow. Normally when it comes to debate on whether a company should acquire better equipment and tools of trade first or train people first, many organization opt for the former and deem the latter as of less importance. Actually in many organizations, training is a luxury that can only be invested in when the business is already doing well and making supernormal profits! This is like expecting your axe to perform extremely well for you before you sharpen it! Training saves you money, it doesn't take money away from you. It is an investment and, perhaps, the most important one. If you only have the right people, with the right skills, the right job will be done even will less sophisticated tools. The converse is true! Much as this sounds like common sense, I am often amazed at how many CEOs and even HR managers are reluctant to explore training options as a solution to the predicaments that at times bedevil organizations. It is a clear fact that all the organizations that value training above all, always do much better and keep resilience even in the face of depression. Train your people!

 "Job training empower people to realize their dreams and improve their lives." --Sylvia Mathews Burwell.

As Live Your Dream Enterprises Ltd, we provide a wide range of trainings and talks aimed at equipping people to be better and more effective members of the society, their respective organizations and families, and to be able to Live their Dreams!

Some of the topics we could be broadly categorized  into :
                      1: Building and working in teams; this covers interpersonal relationship skills, attitude, communications, among others. Click for more about our TEAM BUILDING..
                      2:Effectiveness at work-place which entails setting and achieving goals, time management, emotional intelligence, mental toughness etc
                      3:Improving the bottomline that entails customer management skills, selling skills, personal leadership etc
                      4:Leadership related and others.

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